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Our ten day schedule for the film festival is packed with exciting film previews, guest events and panels and much more. Take a look at the full festival programme to plan your visit.

Films that are screening as previews are marked with this image.

This year's Derby Film Festival thematic strand is looking at the theme of Habitat. The environments that films take place in can vary hugely and create a massive impact on the narrative and characters. The films within this strand offer a range of classic films all featuring memorable habitats.

Look for the symbol on the listings.

In our first weekend The Derby Film Festival takes a look at horror, science fiction and fantasy courtesy of the Fantastiq Film Festival. Bringing you exciting previews, special guests and rare chances to catch classics back on the big screen.

Friday 28th April / Saturday 29th April / Sunday 30th April / Monday 1st May / Tuesday 2nd May / Wednesday 3rd May / Thursday 4th May / Friday 5th May / Saturday 6th May / Sunday 7th May /

Friday 28th April


12:00The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U)
12:30Cold Eyes Of Fear (18)
14:15Dark Star (PG)
14:30Worst Fears (18) + Intro
16:30FantastiCozzi (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW
16:45Terror (18) + Introduction
18:00Wall Of Progress: The History Of Street Art
19:00Norman J. Warren and David McGillivray In Conversation
20:20Mindhorn (15) - PREVIEW
20:20Cold Eyes Of Fear (18)
20:30Satan's Slave (18) + Intro
22:30Nails (Adv 18) - PREVIEW

Saturday 29th April


10:20The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U)
10:30The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Episodes 1 - 3 (PG)
12:00Trouser Bar & Worst Fears (18) + INTRO
12:30The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Episodes 4 - 6 (PG)
14:45My Life As A Courgette (PG) - PREVIEW
15:00Alan J.W. Bell In Conversation
16:20The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U)
16:45Lilith's Awakening (Adv 15) PREVIEW + Q+A
18:40The Devil Rides Out (15)
18:45Fantastiq Shorts (Adv 15)
19:00The Phantom Of The Opera With Live Organ Accompaniment (PG)
20:35Cold Eyes Of Fear (18)
20:45End Of Days, Inc. (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
22:30Dark Star (PG)

Sunday 30th April


11:30My Life As A Courgette (PG) - PREVIEW
13:00Holy Terrors (Adv 15) - PREVIEW + Q+A
15:00Michael Jayston in Conversation
15:15Schalcken The Painter (15)
16:45Tinker, Tailor, Soldier. Spy (PG)
16:45Leslie Megahey In Conversation
18:35Jurassic Park (PG)
18:45Cold Eyes Of Fear (18)
20:50Cage Dive (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
21:00Dark Star (PG)

Monday 1st May


10:00The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U)
11:00Jurassic Park (PG)
12:00Fantasticozzi (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW
13:35Lilith's Awakening (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
13:40The Devil Rides Out (15)
15:25Fantastiq Shorts (Adv 15)
15:45After The Storm (PG) - PREVIEW
17:25End OF Days, Inc (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
18:15David Lynch: The Art Life (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
19:10Cage Dive (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
20:45Nails (Adv 18) - PREVIEW
20:45Cold Eyes Of Fear (18)
20:55Holy Terrors (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

Tuesday 2nd May

12:15Lifeboat (PG)
12:30My Heart Is an Octopus or My Father on the Shore of The Black Sea (Adv 15) PREVIEW
14:30Mulholland Drive (15)
14:30End Of Days, Inc. (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
18:00Jurassic Park (PG)
18:00Soulsmith (Adv 15) - PREVIEW + Q+A
20:00The Derby Film Festival Quiz
20:30Mulholland Drive (15)
20:45Lifeboat (PG)

Wednesday 3rd May

12:15Mulholland Drive (15)
12:30Soulsmith (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
14:00Lifeboat (PG) + Introduction
14:30The Elephant Man (PG)
16:00The Plank (U)
18:15A Very Punchy History Of Slapstick
19:00M.R. Carey Q+A
20:30The Girl With All The Gifts (15)
20:45Mulholland Drive (15)

Thursday 4th May

12:15The Elephant Man (PG)
13:00Cinebabies: Lifeboat (PG)
14:45Mulholland Drive (15)
15:25Lifeboat (PG)
18:00Mulholland Drive (15)
18:10The Elephant Man (PG)
20:45Fires On The Plain (Adv 18) - PREVIEW
20:45Lifeboat (PG)

Friday 5th May

12:00Tomorrow (Adv 12A)
12:15Ace In The Hole (PG)
14:30Soulsmith (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
18:00David Lynch DJ Night + Inland Empire (15)
18:05Tomorrow (Adv 12A) + Post Screening Discussion
20:30The Truman Show / The Matrix Double Bill (15)
20:55My Heart Is an Octopus or My Father on the Shore of The Black Sea (Adv 15) PREVIEW

Saturday 6th May

10:30The Three Worlds Of Gulliver (U)
12:30Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW
13:00Ace In The Hole (PG)
14:00The Three Worlds Of Gulliver (U)
15:30The Red Turtle (PG) - PREVIEW
14:30My Heart Is an Octopus or My Father on the Shore of The Black Sea (Adv 15) PREVIEW
16:20The Truman Show (PG)
16:30Eat My Shorts 1 (Adv 15)
18:05The Other Side Of Hope (Adv 15) - PREVIEW
18:30Spaceship (15) PREVIEW + Q+A
20:15The Truman Show / The Matrix Double Bill (15)
20:45Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW

Sunday 7th May

11:00Random Acts Futures
11:15The Three Worlds Of Gulliver (U)
13:30FantastiCozzi (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW
13:45Eat My Shorts 2 (Adv 15)
15:00Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW
15:40Fantastiq Shorts (Adv 15)
17:00Random Acts Screening
17:30A Tribute To Sir John Hurt
19:30London Short Film Festival x Jameson First Shot 2017 Networking Drinks
20:00The Matrix (15)
20:45Five Lamps Films Screening & Prize Ceremony (Adv 15)
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