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Monday 1st May


The Amazing Mr. Blunden (U) 

UK 1972 100m. Dir: Lionel Jeffries. 

Mrs Allen and her young children Lucy, Jamie and Benjamin are given a chance to escape their squalid London flat and become caretakers of a derelict country house. There they discover the friendly ghosts of two children who died in the mansion a century earlier. A magic potion enables the children to travel back in time to attempt to save their new pals. This second film directed by Lionel Jeffries (The Railway Children) is a charming adventure tale, full of thrills and spills to delight the whole family. 

“After living in the shadows of The Railway Children for so long, it's time that Jeffries' 'neglected classic' was afforded the same place in the cultural consciousness of viewing audiences” - Eye For Film



Jurassic Park (PG) 

USA 1993 127m. Dir: Steven Spielberg.

Palaeontologists Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are invited for a preview tour of a new island full of genetically engineered dinosaurs that has been built as a tourist resort by the wealthy John Hammond. Also in the group are a mathematician (Jeff Goldblum) and Hammond’s grandchildren. When one of Hammond’s employees sabotages the park to aid his sale of secrets to a rival the dinosaurs, including deadly velociraptors and the monstrous T-Rex, are set loose and the group find themselves in a fight for survival. A chance to revisit a technologically ground-breaking classic on the big screen which remains just as thrilling nearly a quarter of a century on from its original release. 



FantastiCozzi - PREVIEW (Adv 12A)

Brazil 2016 72m. Dir: Felipe M. Guerra.

Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi was a science fiction and horror fan who broke into the film industry as an assistant to Dario Argento before going on to make his own low budget films including cult classics like the Alien inspired horror Contamination, and the David Hasselhoff starring Star Wars “influenced” epic Starcrash. He is also the man who had Lou Ferrigno punch a bear into outer space in his adaptation of Hercules for the legendary trash-maestros Cannon Films. This documentary charts the extremely likeable Cozzi’s ups and downs in the film industry with a great deal of wit and charm.



Lilith's Awakening (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

Brazil/USA 2016 80m. Dir: Monica Demes

Lilith is a young woman stuck in a loveless marriage and working at her father’s Iowa service station. Her only escape comes at night when she dreams of a woman haunting the woods beside her house. When she is attacked by a co-worker Lilith begins to embrace her dark side and things will never be the same again. The dreamlike tone and immaculate cinematography of Lilith’s Awakening saw it placed on many best-of-2016 lists from American horror websites and Demes has received enthusiastic support from director David Lynch, from whom her work draws influence. 



The Devil Rides Out (15) 

UK 1968 95m. Dir Terence Fisher.

In the English countryside, the Duc de Richeleau (Christopher Lee) realises his young charge Simon (Patrick Mower) has taken up with the powers of evil, led by the mysterious Mocata (Charles Gray). Simon is about to baptised into the service of the devil so the Duc must act fast to save him, and Mocata is not about to roll over and let him steal away his newest disciple. Hammer’s adaptation of the Dennis Wheatley tale is a marvellously suspenseful and atmospheric tale, smartly adapted by Richard Matheson. 



Fantastiq Shorts (Adv 15)

Various. 91m total running time.

A collection of the best short science fiction, horror and fantasy shorts submitted to this year’s festival including spectacular space journeys, some slasher inspired nastiness and futuristic intrigue.

They Will All Die In Space - 15m Spain. Dir: Javier Chillon.

Cain’s Shadow - 29m Italy. Dir: Antonio De Palo.

Journey - 8m Australia. Dir: Radheya Jegetheva.

Sandman - 6m UK. Dir: Liam Banks.

The Sitter - 7m UK. Dir: Edward Harvey.

Deathrope - Ghosts On The Wall – 4m Switzerland. Dir: Tim Bürge.

Virtual Darkness - 8m UK. Dir: Natalia Aranda.

Neon - 15m UK. Dir: Mark J. Blackman.



After The Storm (PG) - PREVIEW

Japan 2016 117m. Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda.

Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) used to be a prize-winning author but went off the rails and now makes his living as a private detective. Barely scraping together a living and wasting what money he does make on gambling, Ryota offers little child-support to his ex-wife Kyoko (Yoko Make). When a storm traps the family in Ryota’s mother’s home for a night Ryota sees the chance take back control of his existence and become a meaningful presence in the life of his son. With previous films like Still Walking, Like Father, Like Son and Our Little Sister Hirokazu Koreeda has become the great modern chronicler of Japanese family life. After The Storm continues his run of beautifully acted and overwhelmingly moving dramas. 

“I walked out of After the Storm wanting to be a better person - and further convinced that Hirokazu Kore-eda isn't just one of the world's best filmmakers, but one of its most indispensable artists” - Village Voice



End Of Days, Inc (Adv. 15) - PREVIEW

Canada 2016 83m. Dir: Jennifer Liao.

Godfrey Global Inventory is on the verge of closing down. The staff are called in to work for a farewell party only to discover, upon arrival, that they are being asked to work one final shift. If that wasn’t bad enough, as the night draws on it appears that the work they are doing could be helping to bring about the apocalypse. An irreverent and witty black comedy, full of memorable characters, which could change how you look at your boss for good!



David Lynch: The Art Life (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

USA/Denmark 2016 90 mins. Dir: Jon Nguyen & Rick Barnes.

Ahead of the new Twin Peaks series hitting the screens, this film offers an intimate portrayal of David Lynch. Narrated by Lynch himself – speaking from a vintage microphone from his painting studio in the Hollywood Hills – the film takes us on a journey through his youth. Covering his idyllic childhood in small- town America, his awkward teens and his time living the ‘art life’ in the dark streets of Philadelphia, he recounts stories of his family, his anxieties and fears, revealing the formative personal experiences that inspired both his visual and cinematic art. Combining home movies and footage of Lynch painting and sculpting alongside his musings; with camerawork and a score that reflects its subject’s aesthetic, this is an immersive and compelling portrait of an artist – one of our most celebrated and unpredictable filmmakers – at work.

“Insightful and absorbing” - Timeout



Cage Dive (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

Australia 2017  80m. Dir: Gerald Rascionato.

Three friends are attempting to put together an audition tape for a reality-TV show for daredevils. Putting aside tensions bubbling under the surface between them they take a boat trip off the coast of Australia in order to go cage-diving with sharks to demonstrate their screen presence and fearlessness. Inevitably, an accident leaves the three stranded in the shark infested waters and the trio must battle for survival. Cage Dive is a smart white-knuckle take on the found footage thriller, featuring enjoyable set-pieces, effective performances and convincing special effects.  



Nails (Adv 18) - PREVIEW

Ireland 2017 85m. Dir: Dennis Bartok.

Dana Milgrom (Shauna Macdonald, The Descent) survives a horrific car accident but is left severely paralyzed. Permanently linked to a breathing machine and only able to communicate through voice software, Dana becomes convinced that a malevolent presence named Nails is haunting her hospital room. As her grip on reality begins to crumble she must convince the hospital’s staff and her family that Nails is real and intent on destroying her. A terrifying and unnerving debut feature from director Bartok. 



Cold Eyes Of Fear (18) 

Italy/Spain 1971 95m. Dir: Enzo G. Castellari.

Lawyer Peter (Gianni Garko) picks up an Italian girl named Anna (Giovanna Ralli) and takes her back to his uncle’s London home. Lying in wait are two ex-convicts who intend to revenge themselves on Peter’s uncle, who they blame for their time spent in jail. A tense game of cat and mouse develops in this highly effective giallo thriller features some unique cinematography and a fine score from the legendary Ennio Morricone. 



Holy Terrors (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

UK 2016 75m. Dir. Julian Butler & Mark Goodall.

The Welsh writer Arthur Machen wrote many acclaimed stories of the supernatural which brought him great fame in the 1920s. His work has faded from view in the decades since leaving just a dedicated following including Stephen King and Mick Jagger. Holy Terrors is a new film aiming to bring Machen to a new audience and adapts six of his tales into a spine-tingling portmanteau film. Effectively capturing the unique atmosphere and feel of Machen’s writing, Holy Terrors is sure to provide a night or two of uneasy sleep for the viewer. 


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