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Sunday 30th April


My Life As A Courgette (PG) - PREVIEW

France 2016 66m. Dir: Claude Barras.

9-year-old Icare, is taken to live in a children’s home after the death of his mother, something he feels terrible guilt over. Life at the children’s home is initially difficult as the other children are reluctant to accept Icare (who now insists he be called Courgette, his mother’s pet name for him) into their group. Slowly, and with the help of a kindly police officer, Courgette will learn to trust and perhaps find true love in this gorgeous stop-motion animated tale featuring charming colourful designs that disguise the real emotional weight at its heart. 

QUAD Cinekids members can see this film for just £3.50 per person!

“So warm, so alive, that we forget we're watching cartoon figures” - TIME 



Holy Terrors (Adv 15) - PREVIEW + Q+A 

UK 2016 75m. Dir. Julian Butler & Mark Goodall.

The Welsh writer Arthur Machen wrote many acclaimed stories of the supernatural which brought him great fame in the 1920s. His work has faded from view in the decades since leaving just a dedicated following including Stephen King and Mick Jagger. Holy Terrors is a new film aiming to bring Machen to a new audience and adapts six of his tales into a spine-tingling portmanteau film. Effectively capturing the unique atmosphere and feel of Machen’s writing, Holy Terrors is sure to provide a night or two of uneasy sleep for the viewer. 

We are delighted to welcome co-director Mark Goodall and actor Lloyd Peters to the festival to discuss their work on the film.



Michael Jayston in Conversation.

Actor Michael Jayston was born in Nottingham in 1935 and began his working life as an accountant. Upon seeing a touring company perform he decided that he wanted to pursue acting as a career and he made his professional stage debut in 1961. After spending several years working in theatre, including a three-year stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company, he moved into television and film at the end of the decade. Notable roles he has played on screen include Macbeth, Charles Dickens, Shylock and Tsar Nicholas  in the epic Nicholas and Alexandra. Jayston also took an important role in the BBC’s lauded adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and became a key part of the Doctor Who mythos with his role as The Valeyard in the 1986 serial The Trial Of A Time Lord.

We are delighted to welcome Michael Jayston to Derby Film Festival for a discussion of his life in film and television.

Attendees to this event can see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at 4:45pm for free! Contact the QUAD box office on 01332 290606 to claim this offer. 



Schalcken The Painter (15)

UK 1979 70m. Dir: Leslie Megahey.

The painter Godfried Schalcken is too cowardly to object when his true love Rose is betrothed to the otherworldly Vanderhausen, instead promising to come for her when he is a successful. Nothing is heard from Rose again and Schalcken becomes consumed by his work until she suddenly reappears, distraught and pursued by her sinister husband. Produced for the BBC’s Omnibus strand and aired in the traditional Christmas ghost story slot, Schalcken The Painter is beautifully shot, atmospheric and unsettling horror film which examines the relationship between art, commerce and desire. 

"A cult classic, not to be missed." - Electric Sheep Magazine.

Attendees to our Leslie Megahey In Conversation event at 4:45pm on this day can see Schalcken The Painter for free! Please contact the QUAD box office (01332 290606) to claim this offer.



Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (PG) 

UK 1979 99m. Dir: John Irvin.

To accompany our Michael Jayston In Conversation event we offer the chance to see two episodes of the classic spy serial adapted from John Le Carre’s novel. In episode one retired espionage veteran George Smiley (Alex Guinness) is called back into MI6 to discover the identity of a Russian mole, ably assisted by Peter Guillam (Michael Jayston). In episode three Jayston’s Guillam takes centre stage as he is required to burgle his own headquarters in the search for evidence. 

"Unmatched in its evocation of the chilly, cynical cold war era" - The Guardian.

Ticketholders to Michael Jayston In Conversation at 3pm can see this screening for free! Please contact the QUAD box office (01332 290606) to claim this offer. 



Leslie Megahey in Conversation.

Producer and director Leslie Megahey was born in Belfast in 1944 and began his career in factual programming for the BBC producing documentaries on subjects as diverse as Van Gogh, Tolkein and Crime fiction. In 1979 he was offered the chance to become editor of the BBC’s flagship arts documentary series Omnibus, an offer he accepted on condition that he be given the go ahead to make the fiction film Schalcken The Painter which won acclaim when aired at Christmas that year. In the years since his career has taken in a diverse range of productions, including a documentary on Orson Welles, an adaptation of the opera Bluebeard’s Castle and the feature film The Hour Of The Pig.

We are delighted to welcome Leslie Megahey to Fantastiq to discuss his life and career in television and cinema.

Ticketholders for this event can see Schalcken The Painter at 3:15pm for free. Contact the QUAD Box Office (01332 290606) to claim this offer.



Jurassic Park (PG) 

USA 1993 127m. Dir: Steven Spielberg.

Palaeontologists Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are invited for a preview tour of a new island full of genetically engineered dinosaurs that has been built as a tourist resort by the wealthy John Hammond. Also in the group are a mathematician (Jeff Goldblum) and Hammond’s grandchildren. When one of Hammond’s employees sabotages the park to aid his sale of secrets to a rival the dinosaurs, including deadly velociraptors and the monstrous T-Rex, are set loose and the group find themselves in a fight for survival. A chance to revisit a technologically ground-breaking classic on the big screen which remains just as thrilling nearly a quarter of a century on from its original release. 

“The effects have barely aged and the joy is timeless. Take a child who's never seen it and watch their imagination expand before your eyes” - Empire



Cold Eyes Of Fear (18) 

Italy/Spain 1971 95m. Dir: Enzo G. Castellari.

Lawyer Peter (Gianni Garko) picks up an Italian girl named Anna (Giovanna Ralli) and takes her back to his uncle’s London home. Lying in wait are two ex-convicts who intend to revenge themselves on Peter’s uncle, who they blame for their time spent in jail. A tense game of cat and mouse develops in this highly effective giallo thriller features some unique cinematography and a fine score from the legendary Ennio Morricone. 



Cage Dive (Adv 15) - PREVIEW

Australia 2017  80m. Dir: Gerald Rascionato.

Three friends are attempting to put together an audition tape for a reality-TV show for daredevils. Putting aside tensions bubbling under the surface between them they take a boat trip off the coast of Australia in order to go cage-diving with sharks to demonstrate their screen presence and fearlessness. Inevitably, an accident leaves the three stranded in the shark infested waters and the trio must battle for survival. Cage Dive is a smart white-knuckle take on the found footage thriller, featuring enjoyable set-pieces, effective performances and convincing special effects.  



Dark Star (PG)

USA 1974 83m. Dir John Carpenter.

In the far reaches of space the small crew of the Dark Star spend their days paving the way for colonisation of star systems. 20 years into their mission and with only each other for company they have begun to go stir-crazy. As their mission draws to a close they must face various challenges including faulty ship equipment, a runaway alien, and a bomb with a strong grasp of existential philosophy. The debut film of genre legends John Carpenter (Halloween) and Dan O’Bannon (Alien) is a smart comedy featuring some big laughs and fantastic performances, with O’Bannon’s role as the loony Sgt Pinback the standout. 


Made in Derbyshire