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Sunday 7th May


Random Acts Futures

Random Acts Futures – Creative Career Surgery for Creatives aged 16-24 Years

Join us for a creative careers workshop day, meet the team and find out how to apply to make your own Random Act film.

Starting life in 2012 as a late-night shorts strand on Channel 4, Random Acts has grown into a platform-straddling hive of creativity and new commissions. This all-day event is an opportunity for creatives aged 16-24 to pick up career tips and see a selection of recent work.

The sessions will include:

How to make it as a freelancer (and survive!) with Dan Haworth-Salter

How to get funding for your next creative project with Jemima Waltho

How to get your work distributed with Pip Piper

This event is free.



The Three Worlds Of Gulliver (U)

USA/UK 1960 98m. Dir: Jack Sher

Jonathan Swift’s legendary novel gets the Ray Harryhausen treatment in this classic adaptation of the tale of Dr Lemuel Gulliver who is shipwrecked at sea and awakens to find himself on an island of tiny people.

Classic fantasy filmed in “SuperDynamation”. Enter the 3 Worlds of Gulliver.



FantastiCozzi - PREVIEW (Adv 12A)

Brazil 2016 72m. Dir: Felipe M. Guerra.

Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi was a science fiction and horror fan who broke into the film industry as an assistant to Dario Argento before going on to make his own low budget films including cult classics like the Alien inspired horror Contamination, and the David Hasselhoff starring Star Wars “influenced” epic Starcrash. He is also the man who had Lou Ferrigno punch a bear into outer space in his adaptation of Hercules for the legendary trash-maestros Cannon Films. This documentary charts the extremely likeable Cozzi’s ups and downs in the film industry with a great deal of wit and charm.



Eat My Shorts 2 (Adv 15)

Various. 83m.

In this second collection of the best short films submitted to this year’s festival you will encounter a conversation between unborn children, corruption in an unlikely place and a dad who isn’t as smart as he likes to make out.  

Mwah – Iran 13m. Dir: Sara Sohelli

Pollution Of The Heart – Poland 16m. Dir: Oliwia Siemienczuk

Gardening At Night – USA 13m. Dir: Shayna Connelly

A Share Of A Share – Iran 2m. Dir: Kaveh Jahed

Sing – Hungary 25m. Dir – Kristof Deak

Family Portrait – UK 15m. Dir – Kelly Holmes

Laced – UK 2m. Dir – Gopi Degala



Diani And Devine Meet The Apocalypse (Adv 12A) - PREVIEW

USA 2016 90m. Dir: Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine.

Comedy double act Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine are struggling to get a break in Hollywood when the apocalypse strikes. The two, accompanied by their dog Watson and cat Mrs. Peel, hit the road to search for a safe haven to wait out the end of the world. Along the way they will encounter no shortage of bizarre characters and get themselves into any number of scrapes. This comedy tweaks the clichés of apocalyptic cinema to great effect whilst providing a host of laughs, establishing directors/producers/stars Diani & Devine as real talents to watch. 

“Polished, thick-skinned, kind-hearted, and effortlessly funny” - Screen Anarchy



Fantastiq Shorts (Adv 15)

Various. 91m total running time.

A collection of the best short science fiction, horror and fantasy shorts submitted to this year’s festival including spectacular space journeys, some slasher inspired nastiness and futuristic intrigue.

They Will All Die In Space - 15m Spain. Dir: Javier Chillon.

Cain’s Shadow - 29m Italy. Dir: Antonio De Palo.

Journey - 8m Australia. Dir: Radheya Jegetheva.

Sandman - 6m UK. Dir: Liam Banks.

The Sitter - 7m UK. Dir: Edward Harvey.

Deathrope - Ghosts On The Wall – 4m Switzerland. Dir: Tim Bürge.

Virtual Darkness - 8m UK. Dir: Natalia Aranda.

Neon - 15m UK. Dir: Mark J. Blackman.



Random Acts Screening

Random Acts is collaboration between Arts Council England and Channel 4. The short films (90 secs to 3 mins) are ‘bold expressions of creativity’ all are engaging, experimental, beautiful and quirky. 

Rural Media and Maverick TV have been working with young artists in the Midlands to create ‘First Acts’ and at this special event you can watch a selection the fantastic films created by local Random Acts artists and introduced by the filmmakers themselves. Join them after the screening for nibbles, networking and natter and find out what inspires their art.

This screening is free to all but tickets must be booked.



A Tribute To Sir John Hurt 

Sir John Hurt was a Derbyshire native who had his first experiences of cinema in Derby. Sir John became patron of QUAD in 2008 and his support was both unflinching and rooted in a desire for everyone in the city to have a chance to experience inspiring cinema and film related events. After Sir John's sad passing earlier this year we wanted to celebrate his stellar career and links to our city.

To do this his widow Anwen will be joining us at Derby Film Festival to speak about his links to Derby and lifelong devotion to charitable work falling outside the spotlight of mainstream cinema. There will also be an illustrated talk on his illustrious acting career and we will officially rename QUAD's Cinema 1 as the Sir John Hurt Cinema. This will be followed by a screening of one of Sir John's final films, The Journey (12A).

The Journey  (12A)

UK 2017 94m. Dir: Nick Hamm.

One of John Hurt's final roles was in this fictionalised take on real events in Northern Ireland. Timothy Spall plays Unionist leader Ian Paisley and Colm Meaney is the former IRA leader Martin McGuinness. In 2007 the two sworn enemies were appointed First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and were forced to find a way to work together. The Journey imagines how that process could have occured, in a film filled with humour, charm and a little bit of mischief. The two leads are ably supported by a strong cast including Toby Stephens, Catherine McCormack with Hurt taking the key role of MI5 chief Harry Patterson.



London Short Film Festival x Jameson First Shot 2017 Networking Drinks

Now in its 6th year, Jameson First Shot is back, offering 3 hereto undiscovered filmmakers the opportunity to direct award-winning British actor and director Dominic West in a short film that they will write and direct. Drop in to The Box at QUAD on Sunday 7th May, from 7.30 – 8.30pm and join LSFF Festival Director Philip Ilson for a Jameson & Ginger to find out more about the project and how to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. #JamesonFirstShot




The Matrix (15)

USA 1999 136m. Dir: The Wachowskis.

Keanu Reeves plays computer hacker Neo, who learns that the world he inhabits is a computer simulation employed by machines to keep the human race docile. Woken up to a nightmarish reality he must face up to his destiny to become “The One”. A hugely influential piece of science fiction cinema, which broke new ground in the realm of special effects.

"A wildly cinematic futuristic thriller" - Los Angeles Times.



Five Lamps Films Screening & Prize Ceremony (Adv 15)

Returning for its eighth year. The Five/24 24hr film challenge pits creativity against the clock. All entrants will make a 3 minute short (no more, no less) in just twenty four hours. The pressure will be on as we start the clock on April 29th.

At this event we'll be screening all the entries and announcing the winners with big prizes up for grabs. 

For more information head over to or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



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