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Our ten day schedule for the film festival is packed with exciting film previews, guest events and panels and much more. Take a look at the full festival programme to plan your visit.

Films that are screening as previews are marked with this image.

Many of the films screening at Derby Film Festival this year will have accompanying introductions from
either some of the team responsible
for their creation or other film experts.

Look out for this symbol in the listings below to see which screenings will be introduced.

Over the May Bank Holiday weekend, QUAD launches the first edition of Paracinema, a festival dedicated to films and genres outside of the mainstream.

Expect a steady diet of horror, sci-fi and fantasy but in addition to this Paracinema will be exploring other genres outside the mainstream with special guests, previews and talks on a whole range of unusual genres and subgenres.


Friday 4th May / Saturday 5th May / Sunday 6th May / Monday 7th May / Tuesday 8th May / Wednesday 9th May / Thursday 10th May / Friday 11th May / Saturday 12th May / Sunday 13th May /

Friday 4th May


12:00 Leon Must Die (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE
12:00Something (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
13:35Bodies (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
13:50All Light Will End (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE
15:30Out Of The Corner Of The Eye (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
15:35Hi-Death (Advised 18) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
17:45Images Of Apartheid (Advised 15) - World Premiere + Director Q+A
18:00Charismata (Advised 18)
19:45Attack Of The Adult Babies (Advised 18) + Cast + Crew Q+A
20:40Redoubtable (15)
21:00The Paracinema Social

Saturday 5th May


10:00The Paracinema Dealers Room
12:30Death Laid An Egg (18) + Nucleus Films Restoring Classics Intro
15:00Borley Rectory (Advised 15) + Director Q+A
17:00Toyah Willcox In Conversation
18:45All Light Will End (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE
19:00Jubilee (15)
19:30Nosferatu (PG) + Live Score at Derby Cathedral
20:45Hippopotamus (Advised 18)
22:25Song Of Solomon (Adv 18)
22:25The Paracinema All Night Takeover! (18)

Sunday 6th May


13:00An Introduction To Pink Cinema by Jasper Sharp (Advised 18)
14:30The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai (Advised 18) S
14:30Paracinema Shorts (Advised 18)
16:20The Endless (15)
16:40A Taste Of Phobia (Advised 18) - WORLD PREMIERE
18:30The Ascent (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
18:30Something (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
20:30 The Legendary Paracinema Quiz
20:30Revenge (18)

Monday 7th May


12:00Hi-Death (Advised 18) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
14:00Hippopotamus (Advised 18)
14:00Ouijageist (Advised 15) - WORLD PREMIERE + Screenwriters Q+A
14:00A.I. Studios Make Up Effects Demonstration
15:35Charismata (Advised 18)
16:25Escape From New York (15)
17:30Leon Must Die (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE
19:05Bodies (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE
21:00L'Amant Double (18)
21:00Out Of The Corner Of The Eye (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Tuesday 8th May

12:00Eat My Shorts 1 (Advised 18)
12:10Jubilee (15)
14:20Marisa In The Woods (Advised 15)
16:10Hunter's Crossing (Advised 15)
18:15The Man Who Always Did His Part (Advised 15)
18:30Jeune Femme (15)
20:35Backstage Jazz Mystery (Advised 15)
20:35Jubilee (15)

Wednesday 9th May

12:00The Tempest (15)
12:00Eat My Shorts 2 (Advised 15)
14:00Edie (12A) - Midweek Treat
14:15Jubilee (15)
16:25Vismrit (Advised 15)
18:00The Tempest (15)
18:30That Good Night (12A) with an introduction by Anwen Hurt
20:00Music On The Run (Advised 15)
20:45Jubilee (15)
21:10Hunter's Crossing (Advised 15)

Thursday 10th May

13:30The Tempest (15)
15:00The Man Who Always Did His Part (Advised 15)
16:00 Eat My Shorts 3 (Advised 15)
17:00Music On The Run (Advised 15)
18:30Ismael's Ghosts (15)
20:45The Tempest (15)

Friday 11th May

14:50The Kurodians (Advised 15)
16:30Backstage Jazz Mystery (Advised 15)
18:30On Chesil Beach (15)
18:45Marisa In The Woods (Advised 15)
20:35Leave Now (Advised 15)
20:45Satori Screen: Suffering Of Ninko (Adv 18) - UK PREMIERE

Saturday 12th May

12:00Portrait Of A Village (Advised 12A) - WORLD PREMIERE
15:00QUAD Young Advocates present Sharknado (15)
17:00Lives In Sign Language (Advised 15)
18:30Eat My Shorts 1 (Advised 18)
19:00The Bookshop (PG)
20:40Eat My Shorts 2 (Advised 15)
21:15The Kurodians (Advised 15)

Sunday 13th May

14:00Leave Now (Advised 15)
14:00Mandie Fletcher In Conversation
16:00Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (15)
16:25Vismrit (Advised 15)
18:00Eat My Shorts 3 (Advised 15)
20:15Five Lamps Films 24 Hour Challenge Screening & Prize Ceremony
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