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Monday 7th May


Hi-Death (Advised 18) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

USA 2018 102m. Dir: Various.

In this anthology feature two young women take the “Terror Tour” through the underbelly of Hollywood and are led into a bizarre world of unspeakable horror.  Their first stop proves that “Death Has a Conscience”, but doesn’t spare the unlucky souls who stumble into his path.  Next, a meeting with the “Dealers of Death” exposes the perils of collecting murder memorabilia.  Then, it’s off to a quick “Night Drop”, where your next movie rental may be your last.  An actress’ worst nightmare unfolds as she is forced to perform a terrifying “Cold Read”, and our Terror Tour comes to a disturbing end as we meet the ancient, seductive evil known as “The Muse”.  



Hippopotamus (Advised 18)

UK 2017 77m. Dir: Edward Palmer

Ruby wakes up to discover she is trapped in a basement, her legs are broken and she can’t remember who she is or how she got there. Her kidnapper, Tom, tells her she will remain captive until she falls in love with him. Ruby is focused on trying to escape until Tom starts helping her to remember her past, causing everything to be thrown into question.

"An unpredictable, unconventional success" - Flickering Myth



Ouijageist (Advised 15) - WORLD PREMIERE + Screenwriters Q+A

UK 2018 77m. Dir: John R. Walker.

Young single mum India moves to her new flat, and adds to the pressures of finding employment and meeting the rent when she and a friend begin dabbling with a Ouija board found at the property. Evil powers are unleashed and mysterious deaths begin to occur, in this brand new British shocker from the makers of Amityville Playhouse. Co-scripted by QUAD's regular 'Fright Club' horror host Darrell Buxton!

We are delighted to welcome screenwriters Darrell Buxton and Steve Hardy to Paracinema for a Q+A following their film.



A.I. Studios Make Up Effects Demonstration

Join us in the Digital Studio for a fun demonstration of the wild and gruesome world of special make-up effects. Toran Tanner from Augmented Imagination Studios will be joining us to show how cuts, gouges and bullet wounds are faked on screen. He will be displaying a variety of ready made props and prosthetics as well as giving a talk/presentation on the production process. Expect audience participation!




Charismata (Advised 18)

UK 2017 96m. Dir: Andy Collier & Tor Mian.

In this psychological thriller, rookie detective Rebecca Faraway is trying to establish herself in a police department defined by a culture of intolerance and bullying. When a serial killer, who is responsible for a series of brutal and seemingly ritualistic murders, takes a personal interest in her she finds herself caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Soon she begins to feel her grip on reality slipping…

“A potent cocktail of horror and black comedy that cuts a bloody dash” - Starburst Magazine



Escape From New York (15)

USA 1981 99m. Dir: John Carpenter.

In the future crime is so out of control the island of Manhattan has become a sealed off maximum security prison. Convicts manage to shoot down the president’s plane inside the prison’s walls. One-eyed loner Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is given 23 hours to earn a pardon by rescuing the president and escorting him to safety. John Carpenter’s sci-fi classic has inspired a generation of filmmakers and features a cast full of fantastic character actors including Harry Dean Stanton, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Adrienne Barbeau and Donald Pleasance. 



Leon Must Die (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE

Germany 2017 74m. Dir: Lars Kokemüller.

Terminally ill Leon invents a technology to upload his consciousness to a computer as a way of avoiding death. Little does he know that this will eventually cause the downfall of humanity. A female assassin named Aqua is sent back to prevent this by killing Leon. When the two fall in love things get very complicated very quickly. Full of memorable characters and highly amusing moments, Leon Must Die is a cult waiting to happen. 



Bodies (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

UK 2017 97m. Dir: Tom David Large.

Husband and Wife Ben and Rosie are in financial trouble and sign up to a behavioural experiment to make some quick cash. Arriving at the given location they are surprised to find a run-down farm rather than a state-of-the-art medical facility. Even stranger is the experiment which requires them to complete a series of mysterious tasks each more sinister than the last. Before long it become clear the couple need to forget about making some money and concentrate on getting out alive.



L'Amant Double (18) - PREVIEW

France 2017 107m. Dir: François Ozon

Chloé (Marine Vacth), a disenchanted model, is convinced the severe abdominal pains she is suffering from have a psychological cause. She becomes a patient of the charming Dr. Paul Meyer (Jérémie Renier) but the mutual attraction between them means treatment is impossible. The two become lovers and move in together. But Paul seems to be hiding elements of his past and Chloe finds herself inhabiting a dark and bewildering world of smoke, mirrors and doppelgangers – where nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. With this flamboyant and fun film Director François Ozon (Swimming Pool, The New Girlfriend) continues his track record of making first-rate thrillers to keep audiences guessing.

“Prepare for a mindblower” – Rolling Stone



Out Of The Corner Of The Eye (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Brazil 2017 104m. Dir: Sérgio Gomes.

In this chilling tale of the supernatural, drawing inspiration from the writing of Henry James and Peter Straub, a young couple moves into a new home and find themselves plagued by terrifying apparitions. Their search for a solution will lead them to encounter a terrifying reality that will irreversibly change the course of their lives.


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