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Sunday 6th May


An Introduction To Pink Cinema By Jasper Sharp (Advised 18)

In the 1960s sexual content began to be increasingly present in world cinema and independent Japanese film producers sought to capitalise on this trend with low budget sex-heavy productions that could turn a quick profit. However, strict laws were in place in Japan which severely restricted the depiction of sex on screen meaning directors had to be extremely creative in their depictions of sexual content.

The resulting films were often a combination of the steamy, the subversive and the strange and many Japanese directors of note were able to get a start working in this corner of the industry. We are delighted to welcome Jasper Sharp, author of Behind The Pink Curtain: The Complete History Of Japanese Sex Cinema, to Paracinema to give a talk on this unique and fascinating film genre.


Following this talk we will be holding an extremely rare screening of the 2004 pink film The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai (18), from a 35mm print imported from Japan by the Paracinema team. 

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The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai (Advised 18) S

Japan 2003 90m. Dir: Mitsuru Meike.

Call girl Sachiko is at a café one day when she witnesses an altercation between a man from the Middle East and one from North Korea. It turns out the two are competing spies and when a gunfight breaks out Sachiko is caught in the cross-fire. Amazingly, she survives a gunshot to the head and shortly thereafter discovers it has gifted her advanced mental powers, including extra-sensory perception, the ability to understand all languages, advanced mathematical knowledge and, as this is a pink film, an increased sex drive. If this wasn’t enough for Sachiko to handle, there’s also the unexpected matter of the cloned finger of George W. Bush that has somehow ended up in her pocket to be dealt with…

At 1:00pm on this day, film writer Jasper Sharp will be giving a talk on the Japanese genre of Pink Cinema, of which this film is an example. You can see Jasper's talk and the film for just £10. Call QUAD box office on 01332 290606 to claim this offer. 



Paracinema Shorts (Advised 18)

Various / Various / 103m

Late last year a call was put out to international filmmakers to submit short their films. Here we screen the very best that came back, with no shortage of horror and sci-fi but also other more out there and harder to categorise items. 

Films screening:

The Foodies France / 17m / Dir: Julien de Volte & Arnaud Tabarly

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra USA / 8m / Dir: Shayna Connelly

The Iris Echo UK / 25m / Dir: Edward Wilkes & Tristram Giff

Sweet Daisy USA / 7m / Dir: Dan Rutkowski

Shrimp Cocktail Israel / 1m / Dir: Aviv Shleyfman

After Party UK / 8m / Dir: Liam Banks

Bella In The Wych Elm UK / 36m / Dir: Tom Lee Rutter



The Endless (15) - PREVIEW SCREENING

USA 2017 111m. Dir: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead

Two brothers are tempted back to the UFO death cult they escaped a decade earlier by a mysterious video message. Hoping their return will help them obtain some sort of closure they discover the members of the cult seem to be preparing for some sort of momentous event. Will the brothers be able to make it out safely a second time? After impressing Derby Film Festival audiences in 2015 with their film Spring directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead return with another twisting thriller that defies easy genre categorisation. The multi-talented pair not only write, direct, edit and shoot The Endless, they also deliver affecting performances in the lead roles. 

“A career-making breakthrough for Benson and Moorhead” – The Hollywood Reporter



A Taste Of Phobia (Advised 18) - WORLD PREMIERE

UK / Italy 2017 90m. Dir: Various

For this anthology movie producers Vestra Pictures assigned international directors with a phobia and set them to work making a horror short about it. With phobias covered including misophobia (fear of bacteria), hemophobia (fear of blood), oneirophobia (fear of dreams) and gerascophobia (fear of aging) and many more there’s sure to be something to have you squirming! 



The Ascent (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

USA 2017 98m. Dir: Tom Murtaugh

Veteran Los Angeles cop Henry Cardenas brings in Vince Marins as a suspect in a murder case. Marins claims to be of otherworldly origin and over the next twenty-four hours a series of truths, some long buried, will come to light. A smart thriller featuring effective performances, sharp dialogue and a gripping plot. 



Something (Advised 15) - EUROPEAN PREMIERE

USA 2018 90m. Dir: Stephen Portland.

After the birth of their first child a young couple are struggling to cope with the massive change in their lives it represents. Things become even more difficult when a mysterious apparition begins to intrude upon their home. A mysterious and twisty thriller with echoes of Henry James’ The Turn Of The Screw.



The Legendary Paracinema Quiz

Join us in QUAD’s café bar where our quizmaster general, (or is that general quizmaster?) Darrell Buxton, will be putting your knowledge of the weirder and wilder aspects of film history to the test. There will be fantastic prizes on offer for the cream of the crop, as well as the glory and prestige of being crowned Paracinema Champions 2018.


Photo by Graham Lucas Commons.



France 2017 108m. Dir: Coralie Fargeat.

Jen (Matilda Lutz) and her millionaire boyfriend Richard (Kevin Janssens) are spending a romantic weekend at a remote desert villa when they are interrupted by two of his friends. The disturbing pair’s behaviour begins as unseemly and escalates into a terrifying sexual assault. When Richard chooses to try and sweep what has occurred under the carpet Jen is not going to stand for it and a bloody game of cat of mouse begins. Director Fargeat puts a feminist spin on one of horror’s most maligned sub-genres, the rape revenge tale, and the result is invigorating and memorably bloody thriller. 

"It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the first great horror film of 2018" - Bloody Disgusting


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