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Saturday 5th May

10:00am - 5:30pm:

The Paracinema Dealers Room

Join us in The Box for a market featuring plenty of fantastic film related items. Pick up the latest cult Blu-Rays or browse the Cinema Curios poster selection to pick up rare UK quads, saucy Italian locandinas and vintage chic Belgian mini posters. 

Full list of dealers coming soon.



Death Laid An Egg (18) + Nucleus Films Restoring Classics Intro

Italy 1968 105m. Dir: Giulio Questi.

Marco (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anna (Gina Lollobrigida) are a married couple who run a chicken farm. Marco is hiding a nocturnal taste for kinky role-play with prostitutes as well as his lust for Anna’s cousin Gabrielle (Ewa Aulin). Marco’s double life will come back to haunt him when he becomes mixed up in the police investigation into a series of bizarre killings. Director Questi, famed for the violent western Django Kill, turned his hand to the giallo thriller with this film and the result is a rare film in which the gorgeous cinematic style the genre is famed for is more than matched by narrative substance.

This screening will be of Nucleus Films’ brand new restored version of the film featuring footage not seen since the film’s original release. Jake West and Marc Morris of Nucleus will also be present to give an extended introduction describing the meticulous work that must undertaken to restore older films that only exist in a worn and damaged state for a modern audience. 



Borley Rectory (Advised 15) + Director Q+A 

UK 2017 75m. Dir: Ashley Thorpe.

Famed paranormal investigator Harry Price is employed by journalist V C Wall to look into the strange events that are reportedly occurring at a Victorian mansion located in Essex. What they discover there will make Borley Rectory world famous as “the most haunted house in England”. Director Ashley Thorpe’s new film recreates Price’s investigations and combines a starry cast (Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby, Julian Sands) with animation and model-work to create a uniquely unsettling film.

We are delighted to welcome Ashley Thorpe to Paracinema for a Q+A following his film.

"A unique - and haunting - viewing experience." - Starburst Magazine



Toyah Willcox In Conversation

It is hard to imagine a more perfect guest for the eclectic nature of Paracinema than Toyah Willcox. After gaining positive notices for her debut in the television play Glitter in 1976, Toyah then played the anarchic role of Mad in Derek Jarman’s seminal punk film Jubilee. From there she went on to appear alongside Katherine Hepburn in the TV movie The Corn Is Green, in the mod classic Quadrophenia as Monkey and reteamed with Jarman in his Shakespeare adaptation The Tempest.

Genre fans should note her role in the John Mills starring Quatermass series from 1979, BBC TV Movie Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde (1980) and Tales Of The Unexpected (1982). In 1984, she starred alongside Roger Daltrey in Murder: The Ultimate Grounds for Divorce and the legendary Sir Laurence Olivier in The Ebony Tower. All this during a time when she was also maintaining a hugely successful pop career with hit albums like Anthem (1981), The Changling (1982), Love Is The Law (1983) and Minx (1985).

Since that early-mid 80s boom, Toyah has gone on to appear as Miss Scarlett in the Cluedo TV Series, as Billie Piper’s mum in The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, and in children’s TV series The Ink Thief alongside Richard O’Brien (1994) and provided multiple voices in the worldwide smash hit Teletubbies.

Recently she appeared in the genre defying Aaaaaaaah! By director Steve Oram and alongside Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel in Lies We Tell. 

We are excited to welcome Toyah to Paracinema for an on-stage discussion of her screen career.

Customers buying tickets to Toyah Willcox In Conversation at 5pm can see the 7pm screening of Jubilee for free. Contact our box office on 01332 290606 to claim this offer. 



All Light Will End (Advised 18) - UK PREMIERE

USA 2017 85m. Dir: Chris Blake.

Successful horror novelist Savannah Martin brings some friends back to the small town she grew up in, where her father remains the chief of police. Whilst there, the dark secret at the crux of Savannah’s success stirs in her dreams and seeps into her reality. Amidst sexual tensions and fireside stories, Savannah’s despondency and a case her father is working on collide with gruesome and horrifying results, leaving little distinction between the subconscious and reality.



Jubilee (15)

UK 1978 106m. Dir: Derek Jarman

When Queen Elizabeth I (Jenny Runacre) asks her court alchemist John Dee (Richard O’Brien) to show her the future of England she is transported forward 400 years to 1978. She arrives to discover a post-apocalyptic society on the brink of collapse where girl gangs rove the streets indulging in casual murder, the police are openly fascistic, and public opinion is manipulated by all-powerful media moguls. Forty years on from its first release Derek Jarman’s Jubilee remains the quintessential punk film, a daring and unique vision, featuring many icons of the punk era including festival guest Toyah Willcox, Little Nell, Wayne Country, Jordan, Adam Ant and many more. 

Customers buying tickets to Toyah Willcox In Conversation at 5pm can see this screening of Jubilee for free. Contact our box office on 01332 290606 to claim this offer. 



Nosferatu (PG) + Live Score at Derby Cathedral

Germany 1922 90m. Dir: F.W. Murnau

The festival returns to Derby Cathedral for a screening of another classic of silent cinema following previous years' popular showings of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and The Phantom Of The Opera. Nosferatu remains arguably the eeriest and most magical of the many film versions of Bram Stoker's immortal tale Dracula. Director FW Murnau’s use of real locations instead of stylised studio sets to create atmosphere, his deployment of special effects such as negative exposure and fast-speed motion to suggest a ghostly ride, and his casting of Max Schreck as the gaunt, spectral figure of Count Orlok make this one of the director’s most formally innovative works. 

At this screening a score will be performed on the Cathedral's Compton organ by Richard Hills, organist of St Mary's, Bourne Street, a central-London church noted for its fine musical tradition. Richard is an award winning organist and has given many performances as a soloist on national and international TV and Radio in programmes as diverse as BBC Radio 3’s ‘Choral Evensong’ and BBC Radio 2's 'Friday Night is Music Night', and he performed at the BBC proms in both 2013 and 2015.

Please note that the Cathedral will open for this event at 7:30pm but the screening will not start until approximately 8pm, when the light has dropped to an appropriate level for film projection.



Hippopotamus (Advised 18)

UK 2017 77m. Dir: Edward Palmer

Ruby wakes up to discover she is trapped in a basement, her legs are broken and she can’t remember who she is or how she got there. Her kidnapper, Tom, tells her she will remain captive until she falls in love with him. Ruby is focused on trying to escape until Tom starts helping her to remember her past, causing everything to be thrown into question.

"An unpredictable, unconventional success" - Flickering Myth



Song Of Solomon (Adv 18)

USA 2018 85m. Dir: Stephen Biro

After Mary witnesses the suicide of her father she finds herself in the grip of a savage demonic possession. The church sends priests to attempt an exorcism but perhaps their motives towards the unwitting Mary are not as benevolent as they appear. 



The Paracinema All Night Takeover! (18)

Between 10:25pm on Saturday 4th and sunrise on Sunday 5th we will be running films throughout the night. In QUAD’s Sir John Hurt screen we will be screening action classics from the 80s and 90s featuring Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Kurt Russell and not one but two Van Dammes. Alongside this, screen two will be showing gore, trash and exploitation films to test your mettle and blow your mind.

Your ticket allows entry to both screens so dip in and out of each as you see fit or take a break in the café bar, which will be serving food and drinks throughout the night. 

80s & 90s Action in The Sir John Hurt Cinema: 

10:25pm: Commando (18) USA 1985 90m Dir: Mark. L. Lester

Arnold Schwarzenegger is John Matrix who must become a one man army to get his kidnapped daughter back. Along the way he will deliver some of his best post-kill quips ever!

12:15am: Demolition Man (15) USA 1993 115m Dir: Marco Brambilla

Sylvester Stallone is the macho cop revived from cryogenic refrigeration in 2032 to capture a psychopathic criminal played by Wesley Snipes. He also has to work out what to do with the three seashells bathroom system!

2:30am: Double Impact (18) USA 1991 109m Dir: Sheldon Lettich

Twins Alex (Jean Claude Van Damme) and Chad (Van Damme, but with different hair) were seperated at birth. The two are reunited and team up to take down the killer their parents' killers. 

4:35am: Escape From New York (15) USA 1981 99m Dir: John Carpenter

Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is given 23 hours to escort the American President out of the crime-ridden wasteland that is 1997 Manhattan in John Carpenter's action classic. 

Gore, trash and exploitation in Cinema 2:

10:25pm: Song Of Solomon (Advised 18) USA 2017 85m Dir: Stephen Biro

After Mary witnesses the suicide of her father she finds herself in the grip of a savage demonic possession. The church sends priests to attempt an exorcism but perhaps their motives towards the unwitting Mary are not as benevolent as they appear. 

12:15am: Your Flesh, Your Curse (Advised 18) Denmark 2017 100m Dir: Kasper Juhl

Severely damaged young woman Julie is brutally murdered whilst in the midst of a drink and drugs binge. She descends into limbo, where she is forced to relive some of the most horrifically violent moments of her life.

2:30am: She Kills (Advised 18) USA 2016 101m Dir: Ron Bonk

In the midst of an attack that leaves her new husband dead, Sadie discovers that her body contains a dangerous secret which she can use in her quest for revenge. A delirious throwback to the exploitation cinema of the 70s full of impressive moustaches, kung fu and bodily fluids. 

4:35am: Difficulty Breathing / Black Devil Doll Double Feature (Advised 18) 

Difficulty Breathing S Japan 2017 40m Dir: Guy Pearce

A reclusive young woman's paranoia begins to run wild. Immersed within a pool of self-nurtured insanity, she slowly starts to drown.

Black Devil Doll USA 2007 73m Dir: Jonathan Lewis

Teenager Heather has fun playing with a Ouija board. She accidentally opens a portal to hell and allow the spirit of a serial killer to take control of ventriloquist’s dummy! 


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