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Friday 11th May


The Kurodians (Advised 15)

Thailand 2016 73m. Dir: Nathan Homsup.

Filmed in glistening black and white with a roaming mobile camera which recalls Tetsuo The Iron Man, The Kurodians is a hectic action sci-fi flick which featuring pulse-quickening action scenes whilst also touching on subjects as diverse as mind control, sport, cloning, and immigration. A future cult classic. 



Backstage Jazz Mystery (Advised 15)

Russia 2017 70m. Dir: Anton Sukharev.

In this experimental film, shot in glistening black and white, a young saxophonist attends a school graduation celebration in St. Petersberg. Different versions of the same events unfurl as reality, illusion, dream and mystery intermingle leaving the audience to consider what is real and what is not as they are confronted by one astoundingly original image after another. 



On Chesil Beach (15) - PREVIEW SCREENING

UK 2018 110m. Dir: Dominic Cooke.

In 1962, newlywed couple Florence (Saoirse Ronan, following up Lady Bird with another astounding performance) and Billy Howle, arrive at Chesil Beach in Dorset for their honeymoon. Despite the love between them, issues around intimacy, sexual freedom and societal pressure lead to a disastrous wedding night. Ian McEwan adapts his own acclaimed novella and National Theatre director Cooke makes his cinema debut, drawing wonderful performances from his cast which features supporting roles for Emma Watson, Samuel West and Anne-Marie Duff.

“Funny, delicate and heartbreaking” – Variety



Marisa In The Woods (Advised 15)

Spain 2017 83m. Dir: Antonio Morales

35 year old playwright Marisa is avoiding her own problems by focusing on her friend Mina’s troubles following a relationship breakdown. Marisa feels adrift in life, stuck in an existential funk where immersing herself in the nightlife of Madrid is her only source of comfort. This debut film from director Morales is a subtly amusing and heartfelt character study.



Leave Now (Advised 15) 

UK 2017 111m. Dir: Stephen Frost.

Rose is stricken by grief following the death of her husband. Returning to the seaside town where they first met, she finds herself drawn into the lives of local electrician Titus and his son Robbie. She also discovers a forgotten wax cylinder containing recordings of other worldly voices in the attic of the house she is staying in. This sets in motion events which will reveal secrets buried deep in the history of the house. A moving and well-acted psychological drama, which tantalises with hints of the supernatural at work. 

Director Stephen Frost will be present at this screening to introduce his film.



Satori Screen: Suffering Of Ninko (Adv 18) - UK PREMIERE

Japan 2016 70m. Dir: Norihiro Niwatsukino.

In this unique tale, which seamlessly blends live action and animation, Ninko is a young, diligent Buddhist monk with a serious problem: Women can’t seem to resist him. Since  sexual indulgence is considered a sin, he blames himself for not being virtuous enough. Nearly driven mad, he escapes deep into the mountains to be alone. There he encounters a samurai and Ninko follows him, hoping that he’ll rid him of his curse.

This screening will be introduced by Satori Screen's Peter Munford. 


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