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Saturday 12th May


Portrait Of A Village (Advised 12A) - WORLD PREMIERE

UK 2018 120m. Dir. Mark Rivers.

An affectionate portrayal of a semi-rural village in the East Midlands by local filmmaker Mark Rivers, winner of Best Film at the 2015 Derby Film Festival for Masterpiece. Portrait Of A Village was filmed over the course of a year during a period of national upheaval and questioning. Meet the local businesses, societies and residents of Spondon, a community that is both thriving and clinging on in equal measure. Moving and entertaining the film is a snapshot of life in modern Britain and explores the themes of home, community and belonging.



QUAD Young Advocates present Sharknado (15)

USA 2013 86m. Dir. Anthony C. Ferrante.

When a freak cyclone hits the city of Los Angeles huge amounts of sea water is scooped up along with the blood hungry sharks it contains before being dispersed all over the city. Bar owner Fin (Ian Ziering), his teenage daughter Claudia (Aubrey Peeples) and his ex-wife April (Tara Reid) face a battle for survival as they seek to escape the newly shark-infested city. 

Voted as one of the ‘Best Worst Films’ of all time. Come along in your best, worst, shark or surf attire to fully experience the Sharknado. This ‘shark-ingly’ amazing event is brought to you by QUAD Young Advocates.



Lives In Sign Language (Advised 15)

Various / Various / 90m

Curated by London Short Film Festival’s young Deaf programmer Zoë McWhinney , we present a fresh selection of contemporary short films foregrounding the richness of D/deaf culture and experience, including this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Short Film , The Silent Child . These shorts span genres - from comedy, romance, horror - to bring the stories of D/deaf characters to the screen in a space inclusive for all, but tailored specifically to the needs of D/deaf cinema-goers. 

Films included:

Nonsense, Max Clendaniel, 10’ (UK – BSL & English/HoH subtitles)

The Silent Child, Chris Overton, 20’ (UK – BSL & English subtitles with additional BSL support)

My House, William Horsefield. 8’ (UK - BSL)

Imagine, Samuel Ash. 5’ (UK – BSL, English/HoH Subtitles)

Deaf, Lina Jakobi. 5’ (English/HoH subtitles)

A Love Divided, Ian Bustard, 24’ (English/HoH subtitles)

Dawn Of The Deaf, Rob Savage, 12’ (BSL & English subtitles) 



Eat My Shorts 1 (Advised 18)

Various / Various / 101m

Join us as we are introduced to a seven year old forced to care for his ailing mother, an ex-con struggling to do right in a world seemingly designed to make him do wrong, a rebel in a Catholic seminary and meet the remarkable people without sight who have taken up weaving. 

Films included:

Bare UK / 15m / Dir: Ash Morris

Harlot Indonesia / 6m / Dir: Anggi Andreansyah

Weavers Of Imagination Iran / 20m / Dir: Sadegh Jafari

Eden Portugal / 15m / Dir: Ana Pio

With Me Iran / 5m / Dir: Azadeh Ghochagh

Cotton Wool UK / 38m / Dir: Nicholas Connor




Spain/UK/Germany 2017 112m. Dir: Isabel Coixet.

It is 1959 and widow Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) has decided to open a bookshop, the very first in the sleepy and conservative coastal town of Hardborough. She stocks some of the best and controversial literature of the times, including titles like Nabakov’s Lolita, a decision which sends shockwaves through the local community, and she makes an enemy in Mrs Gamart (Patricia Clarkson) who sees herself as the queen of Hardborough’s cultural scene. But Florence, along with her ally Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy), refuses to bend and a battle for the soul of the town breaks out. Julie Christie provides the narration to this enjoyable drama, which is a neat nod to her role in the film version of another tale about the power of books, Fahrenheit 451. 



Eat My Shorts 2 (Advised 15)

Various / Various / 103m

Our second selection of shorts features a farmhand doubting his sanity when confronted by a mysterious woman, a small boy who will go to extreme lengths to retrieve his lost balloon, a blind woman who moves between her sister’s homes on a monthly basis and a wooden man who makes a love connection on the internet.

Films included:
Parents Came To Me To Sri Lanka Russia / 30m / Dir: Vera Vodynski
WoodMan Canada / 15m / Dir: Mike Jackson
The Merciless Beauty UK / 14m / Dir: Michael Groom
Blown Away UK / 5m / Dir: Matt Livingston
A Month Kosovo / 26m / Dir: Zgjim Terzigi
Chippy Tea UK / 14m / Dir: Will Herbert


The Kurodians (Advised 15)

Thailand 2016 73m. Dir: Nathan Homsup.

Filmed in glistening black and white with a roaming mobile camera which recalls Tetsuo The Iron Man, The Kurodians is a hectic action sci-fi flick which featuring pulse-quickening action scenes whilst also touching on subjects as diverse as mind control, sport, cloning, and immigration. A future cult classic. 


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