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DFF Shorts Programme 2

Another varied selection of some of the best shorts submitted to Derby Film Festival. Click 'Tell Me More' for full information on the films included. AVAILABLE TO RENT 19 - 25 NOVEMBER.

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Line Up:
Snow Shelter
Lituania 2020 16 mins Dir: Robertas Nevecka
Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present day city. A 30 year old is squatting in an apartment with a group of strangers. Struggling to survive, he is turned out by his fellow squatters when he nearly burns down the flat. He must find shelter.

Newton’s Third
UK 2020 18 mins Dir: Katie Blamires
Two brothers, Leon and Noel. When Noel’s play is picked up by a production company on the same day that Leon’s business deal falls through, he begins to become overwhelmed with the idea that when one of them succeeds, the other fails…

France 2019 15 mins Dir: Suzanne Clément
As Mélanie tries to restore Benoit’s self-confidence, they cross paths with Mehdi and Jeanne, a duo going through a crisis. For a brief moment, their stories intertwine.

Smoking Kills
UK 2020 5 mins Dir: Jacob Gates Orgill
A recently quit smoker battles his inner demons when he finds himself surrounded by smokers in his local café.

The Pink Line
Iran 2018 15 mins Dir: Bayan Zarabi
Fa’ezeh is probably carrying a baby, but not of her husband. And this pregnancy could have a very very big penalty in the place she lives…

France 2019 12 mins Dir: Mélanie Doutey
Louise is struggling to deal with grief. One day, she meets Camille who reveals to her the existence of a discreet community of those who move forward by going backwards.

UK   2020   14 mins   Dir: Donell Atkinson-Johnson
A school teen frustrated with his school and family life takes action by kidnapping his teacher.

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18 Certificate

Country Of OriginVarious
Year2019 / 2020
Running Time91m


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A Swimming Lesson From Dad
Hungary 2020 14 mins Dir: Biró Melinda Ildikó
6-year-old Vivi is terrified of water. However, after his father’s swimming lesson she realises there are more horrifying things in life than the children’s pool.

France 2019 14 mins Dir: Rakel Ström
Like lots of guys, Philippe is hairy. Like lots of guys, Philippe is going bald. Like lots of guys, Philippe would like to turn into a woman sometimes… Today, Philippe has decided to become a brand new man!

UK 2020 15 mins Dir: Michael J. Ferns
Set in the near future, Better follows the complex relationship between a young mum Jamie and her son Max. Max is an effeminate child and bullied at school. Jamie is introduced to Refine, a medical facility that offers a new procedure that can “hetero-normalise” Max…

France 2019 14 mins Dir: Zita Hanrot
On the day of their grandmother’s funeral, Sacha gathers her cousins to write a tribute to her, but nothing will happen as planned…

La Pose
France 2019 15 mins Dir: Celia Pilastre
Marie-Luce just came back from another trip. Her father, mother and brother are all there. Can they sit still long enough to take a photo?


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Line Up:
UK 2020 11 mins Dir: Simon Ross
Successful businessman and golden boy, Jack Wells, is unscrupulous, immoral and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Along the way he has made many enemies – and today they’re out for revenge!

On In 15
UK 2020 15 mins Dir: Joseph and Jack Archer
A knockout show… with a knocked out frontman. A band are about to perform at the biggest gig of their lives, except a monumental problem hits them 15 minutes before they go on stage, can they fix it time? Set during the 1990’s ‘Cool Britannia’ era and filmed in one take.

UK 2019 6 mins Dir: George Rees-Jones
A little girl living in the wilderness with her sister is suddenly forced to realise the dangers of the world in which they live.

The Blue Bed
Canada 2020 14 mins Dir: Alireza Kazemipour
Zahra is a middle-aged woman who visits a ”temporary marriage” agency and signs up to have a young working girl. The girl (Negar) has never had a female client before and soon becomes suspicious of Zahra’s intent.

Taxidermy Tom
Sweden 2020 12 mins Dir: Nathalie Ekstrom
A dark humoured drama that follows Ida’s journey after losing her best friend, her brother.

UK 2020 5 mins Dir: Lusovica Musumeci
An intriguing and individual short in two parts blending performance and narrative.

Light Years
UK 2020 6 mins Dir: James Harris
A man fights his inner demons.

Give Me A Name
UK 2020 10 min Dir: Sheena Holliday
The United Kingdom, about ten years in the future. Jennifer, a senior intelligence officer, is briefing her deputy Kate about a new detainee who has been arrested for crimes against the state. But there is something different about this prisoner…

Life Is Beautiful
Iran 2020 7 mins Dir: Mostafa Rahimi
An intriguing short on abortion and female rights in Iran. Shot in a similar manner to Lars Von Trier’s Dogville with a bare soundstage.

UK 2020 2 mins Dir: Mike Yeoman
Coronavirus is not the first pandemic this nation has witnessed… Public Information film from the archives on how to deal with INFLUENZA!

Fire Me If You Can
France 2019 13 mins Dir: Camille Delamarre

Michel, is handling redundancies at a corporation. Pierrot is at the top of the list. But what Michel doesn’t know, is that nobody has never, ever, been able to resist to Pierrot’s charm.

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Line up:
UK 2020 9 mins Dir: Jonathan Blagrove
Tommy, is an out of work building contractor, faces up to the consequences when a series of phone calls expose a lie that spirals out of control. With his family in danger and everything he know rapidly unravelling around him, he must make the toughest decision of his life.

Mr Sam
USA 2019 28 mins Dir: Zeus Kontoyannis
Sam is finally ready to tell his mother he’s gay but is he ready to reveal that the love of his life…is a corpse?

USA 2019 10 mins Dir: Giorgio Miraflor
uTransfer is a new device that allows for certain U.S citizens to transfer their consciousness into a utopia called the New World.

Iran 2020 11 mins Dir: Farnoosh Abedi
Music was his passion…Love was his masterpiece. Animation.

The Babysitter
UK 2020 15 mins Dir: David Hume
Doing homework, texting boys, fighting for your life. For a babysitter, it’s all in a day’s work.

UK 2020 10 mins Dir: Tahkeishon Smith
For Ben, Fluffy is his imaginary monster best friend. A source of companionship when times are hard, and when times do get hard…maybe Fluffy isn’t so imaginary as Ben thought.

Poland 2019 7 mins Dir: Marianna Atlas
This stop-motion animation is an interpretation of Goethe’s Faust, where an alchemist trying to find the meaning of life signs a deal with the devil.

Bird Lady
UK 2020 12 mins Dir: Susie Jones
A young woman wanders confused and barefoot until she reaches a strange old house and its mysterious owner who takes her in.

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Going Flat
UK 2020 12 mins Dir: Graeme Weston & Julian Civiero

Katie Clare is shocked to find that the treatment to her gene mutation is to completely remove her breast and ovaries. Rejecting medical advice to undergo breast reconstruction, she instead opts to “go flat”. This doc follows her journey.

When Better Letters Met Barbara Enright
Australia 2020 11 mins Dir: Lewis Eyers-Stott

Short biopic of Australian sign, showcard and ticket writer Barbara Enright. An interesting look at an unusual, unseen profession.

Women Of Impact : Defying The Odds
UK 2020 24 mins Dir: Christopher Bevan

Over 20 years after surviving a premature death against all the odds, author and motivational speaker Danielle Vassell brings together a group of five women of colour to share their diverse, moving and inspiring personal stories of family, work, advocacy and life.

The Caledonian
UK 2020 8 mins Dir: Bruce H. Gill

Tony and Claire talk about the only world they know after managing a 50 year old business. Sharing their life experiences, love and thoughts of the economy in a northern town.

High Flying Jade
Vietnam 2019 22 mins Dir: Katherine Sweetman

Walking the line between mindfulness and adrenaline rush, an American, bipolar, aerialist tries to reconcile her suicidal inclinations, her past life as an air traffic controller and the pressures of training for opening night at the Vietnamese circus.

Life On Air
UK 2020 13 mins Dir: Louis Leblique

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, CB radio changed the lives of thousands of people in the UK and fostered a unique, predominantly working-class, subculture which is now mostly forgotten.

Here I Am
UK 2020 11 mins Dir: Chloe White

Here I Am shows how dance has helped a group of vulnerable women in Bradford. During the Covid 19 lockdown, the opportunity to dance has been very hard or impossible for the women and it has been deeply missed. The film documents the women’s creative response to lockdown and explores how dance will continue to be a tool that empowers all the women as we emerge out of the Covid-19 crisis.

A Song Still Inside
UK 2020 28 mins Dir: Edward Lovelace & James Hall

A Song Still Inside uses a combination of documentary interviews with a group of young men in Scotland living in the wake of their friend’s suicide to narrate the fictional story of Mac, an oil rig worker struggling to deal with his friend’s suicide, who must decide whether to leave town to avoid his problems or stay to face them with the help of friends.