Derby Film Festival Presents

Paracinema Shorts Showcase

Saturday 16th November / 1:50pm

A collection of the best genre short films covering superheroes, killer social media, Little Red Riding Hood and samurai, and more.

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Some films feature non-English language dialogue with English subtitles.

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£9.50 standard. £7.00 concessions. Free for Derby Film Festival Passholders.

18 Certificate

Running Time:100m

Films Screening:

The Broken Forest. Dir: Alfredo Uzeta 2018 Mexico 20m

This interesting take on Little Red Riding Hood sees Red transposed to the Mexican countryside and her family reimagined as medieval Samurai Warriors

La Llarona. Dir: H. J. Leonard 2019 India 23m

After a harsh break up, Pranay takes to the bottle. But his life is about to change when he encounters a young Undead bride looking for revenge. An understated and funny exploration of being dead in the modern age.

Growth. Dir: Allison Miller 2019 USA 12m

A young woman copes with chronic pain via unconventional means while searching for a cure. But the cure presents a new and gruesome reality. A strong directorial debut that twins magic realism with the social media age.

Lab Rat. Dir: Nour Wazzi 2018 UK 15m

In the near future, a group of scientists trapped in a lab learn that one of them is an A.I and it has been deceiving them! Thought provoking Black Mirror esque short.

Old Beginnings. Dir: Suni Khan 2019 UK 16m

A young couple tries to rid themselves of the past using an unorthodox and bizarre ritual as they rekindle their love.

Capitán Kinesis. Dir: Carles Jofre 2019 Spain 11m

Sebastian is a retired superhero who lives alone in a small flat. He leads a quiet life and it’s been years since he last used his superpowers, but an unexpected visit puts his world at risk and he will be forced to defend it.

Maelstrøm. Dir: Carlos Gómez-Trigo 2017 Spain 3m

Karl spins the spoon from his coffee while something spins even faster in Tony’s head.