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Paracinema – The Field

To save their marriage, Ben and Lydia (Tim Higgins, Kara Mulrooney) risk it all and buy a farmstead in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Making a Murderer.) Lydia is determined to transform the rotting house into a dream home and finally start a family, but Ben’s photographs reveal they’re not alone… With Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Veronica Cartwright (Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers), Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Mark Borchardt !!!!!!! (American Movie, Coven). AVAILABLE TO RENT 19 - 25 NOVEMBER.

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15 Certificate

DirectorTate Bunker
Country Of OriginUSA
Running Time92m


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Line Up:
Cemetery Tales: A Tale Of Two Sisters
USA 2018 20m Dir: Chris Roe
Hollywood, 1949. An actress mourning the loss of her beloved sister receives a surprise visitor. Will justice be served? Tick tock tick tock…

USA 2019 13m Dir: David E. Tolchinsky
A policewoman struggles to remember what happened at the predicted site of the next murder of a serial killer.

Kourtney Of Parkdale
Canada 2019 21m Dir: Razvan Anton & Jamieson Child
A day in the kooky life of a street hustler from Toronto as she struggles to find herself amid colorful neighbourhood characters.

The Spell
Russia 2018 1m Dir: Elizaveta Kireeva
A short sharp descent into dream imagery.

Those Beautiful Moments
Russia 2019 15m Dir: Vasily Chuprina
The story of a scientist on the search for eternal beauty and life.

Wally And His Hideously Malformed Wart
USA 2018 4m Dir: Max Johnson
A peppy, bright-eyed boy named Wally navigates his morning alongside the demonic Wart growing from his back.

France 2019 7m Dir: Veine
From the inside of its cage, an animal observes the visitors to a zoo.