Derby Film Festival Presents

Short Cinema Room

Saturday 16th November / 3:00pm

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November, the Digital Studio space will be screening a rolling programme of some of the amazing shorts that have been submitted to the festival this year. Buy a ticket and drop in whenever you like.

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18 Certificate


Schedule for Saturday 16 November:

15:00 – Two Old Boys, The 106 Year Old Daredevil, A Benumbing Oblivion, Irradiate

16:00 – Hideaway, Mr Lonesome, My Beautiful City

17:00 – Simulation Of Mr Yellow, Dying In The Dream, ICUCICU, Alice 404

18:00 – The Dome OF The Universe, First Disco, He or She?

19:00 – Paparazza, Alex, All The Trimmings, Killing Time With Lizzie Boredom

20:00 – Fish Cracker, BURN, Hermit, Introducing Librophilia

21:00 – To Trend On Twitter, The Bony Lady, The Paradise