Derby Film Festival Presents

The Trash Tapes Presents Troll 2

Saturday 16th November / 10:30pm

After his family move to the rural community of Nilbog (spoilers, it’s goblin spelled backwards!), a ghost warns young Joshua Waits that vegetarian goblins want to transform him and his family into plants and then eat them! Embraced by a generation of bad movie fans, Troll 2 has become one of the most iconic cult films of it’s era and spawned the documentary Best Worst Movie. Has to be seen to be believed!

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This screening is presented by Johann and Edward, from the Trash Tapes podcast. There will be special veggie offers in the café bar, popcorn and Green Milkshake available in the café….ideal for gobblin!

For fans of The Room (2003), Miami Connection (1987), Manos: The Hands Of Fate (1966)

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£9.50 standard. £7.00 concessions. Free for Derby Film Festival Passholders.

15 Certificate

Director:Claudio Fragasso (as Drake Floyd)
Running Time:95m