Derby Film Festival Presents

UK Shorts Showcase

Sunday 17th November / 12:00pm

A showcase of some of the great UK films submitted to this year’s festival.

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£9.50 standard. £7.00 concessions. Free for Derby Film Festival Passholders.

15 Certificate

Running Time:93

Films Screening:

One Night Stand (Dir: Adam Hales-Walker, UK, 2019, 13 mins

A look at how a couple’s romance can blossom and die out, from the first day to its last.

Hideaway (Dir: Samuel Ash, UK, 2019, 13 mins)

This films follows William, a Deaf student, as he learns to overcome social anxiety and develop close relations with fellow students Dean and Leah.

All The Trimmings (Dir: Thomas Edwards, UK, 2019, 16 mins)

A man’s desperate pursuit to provide a Christmas dinner for his young family.

Safe Space (Dir: Ben S. Hyland, UK, 2018, 8mins)

Sarah is a key worker in a woman’s refuge. Amne is her new client. This film chronicles the relationship between the two women from the day Amne arrive until the day she must leave.

Death Knock ( Dir: Jason Croxall, UK, 2019, 6 mins)

A rookie reporter is tasked with undertaking a “death knock”, a controversial practise in which a journalist knocks on the door of a grieving family and asks for an interview.

BURN (Dir: Judson Vaughan, UK, 2017, 15 mins)

In the midst of national hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy, a child is born bearing the scars of other people’s sins.

To Trend On Twitter (Dir: Andy Wooding, UK, 2018, 22 mins)

A mother rises to world fame on social media for having a terminally ill son.

Irradiate (Dir: Tracey Moberly & Paul London, UK, 2018, 3 mins)

Filmed at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider. A visually compelling experimental short film.